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Values health care products


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Maximum use of space
  • Fully retractable baskets
  • no empty spaces between the baskets
  • easy access also to top baskets

Flat packaging: reduced size of the packaging, with consequent savings on transport
  • Ease of installation
  • lightness
  • quick assembly
  • assembly without special tools
  • easy assembly of the shelves
Picking Quick and easy
  • Kanban flow
  • color coding
  • easy access to the upper levels
  • ergonomic design
No corner or cutting edge

Shelves, baskets and antibacterial trays

eliminates human interaction during the transport of the instrument
Personalized solutions
  • Maximum versatility and modularity
  • Functional lines of open and closed transport trolleys
Up to 50 %of extra storage capacity

Rail on shelves and carts are at the same height, this feature facilitates the transfer of containers without having to lift them